A Digital Creative Studio

We are a multifaceted digital agency, that produce websites, content
management tools, marketing, mobile applications, seo and branding.



Pebble Infotech was founded by seasoned US professionals. We are a small friendly firm ( call our office a PIT) based in Nepal managed by US professionals. Our PIT ( err…office) is comprised of some wonderful talented gems who duke it out each day in search for the next level goals. Hence only the best of the best in Nepal we hire. Our PIT’ers are interested in finding interesting work every day. PIT’ers are an energetic crew of personnel who are always ready to get down with some great new ideas to make things happen. Our team is a diverse group of individuals where we take care of each other as a family. We are some tough nerdy group.

We are always with full of enthusiasm to bring your project to life. Our ultimate goal is to see you fly and rise up in the digital world! What you get is a smart energetic focused individuals who are not afraid to try new things and ideas for you. There is an abundance of talent in this group and by outsourcing your project with us you are actually helping these individuals to thrive and help them prove that boundaries are only in the mind not in the heart. Nepal is a wonder beautiful developing country with some immensely talented pool of people.

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