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A non-profit organization makes it a day!

A church goes to find better engagement with facebook and data entry support.


Our client based in New Mexico is a church with an aim to raise fund to sponsor various non-profit events.   The church had a website engaged with charityadvantage  but quickly found out that it was more or less a stationery website with no engagement.  They knew that by driving more traffic to their website, with content, they would have a better opportunity to educate people about their ministry. More importantly, they could serve more people by getting them the help they needed, so they began to look for a marketing solution that would help them achieve their mission.


Although the church was immensely popular among the community, the church was unable to transform that into a way or mode of charity.  They lacked social media and the church personnel felt that they were missing out a lot about engagement through site and also social media engagement.


PIT crew explored into this opportunity and pondered upon the various issues as set forth by the church.  Initially they wanted a brand new website which will have a facebook page.  However, we found that there lacked in-house marketing expert as well as personnel to enter the data.   We worked on the website with image of the church with community and their social efforts.  We created a form for collecting the data from the ministry members and attendants as well as facebook, Pinterest and twitter engagement.  We also created an  online form to collect customer information with an emailer program behind scene to  keep it within the ICANN Spam policy.

We also suggested the following

– SEO optimization  of the pages.  We worked on per month basis for 6 months to make it transparent improvement.  At first the ministry wanted its staff to be learn SEO but with our low cost option especially for non-profit organization, it was handled by our staff.
– Monthly maintenance of the site and also social media engagement.
– Bi-weekly Newsletter  information about the upcoming social events and also volunteer participation.
– Data entry of the forms via online fax or image capture.

Technology used:

Adobe Flex
Facebook SDK
Twitter SDK

• More visitor engagement and donations improved 60%
• Events were well attended and ministry was reaching far out with inbound marketing.
• 71% improvement in the organic traffic

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