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Effective Web Solution for a Handicraft Company


Client: Our client is a handicraft firm based in Thamel, Nepal. Over the last two decades, our client has built up an indisputable reputation and established the brand as a pioneer in the Nepalese handicraft sector. The company is providing employment opportunities to more than 500 locals and has contributed a lot in restoring a sacred form of art which nearly came to the stage of extinction.

Challenge: Our client wanted to broaden his business by building a strong/engaging online presence. Firstly, he approached a local IT service provider based in Kamaladi, Kathmandu. The IT service provider promised our client a responsive/dynamic site with a custom DIY backend and one year of free maintenance service. The work started and within 2 weeks the service provider prepared a mock-up design, the design seemed “OK” but did not match our client’s expectation. Still, he approved the design and told his IT service provider to keep up the good work. Our client had some changes in his mind, but the company was not willing to implement the changes into his site. The time frame mentioned in the contract was nearly over but still the project was due. Only a little had been done since the mock-up design and our client was disappointed with services provided by the local IT Company. Months passed, still, our client didn’t receive a single word from them.

Pebble Takes the Turn

Our dedicated marketing team approached the client with a vision to establish a genuine web presence for him. We offered him a short brainstorming session, as our client was generous he kindly approved our offer and discussed the problem. After that, we analyzed his website to figure out the flaws and errors. The site was designed with manual codes, there was no custom backend, the mock-up was created by including high-resolution images, and the overall design was created from a normal template and there was nothing custom about the site.

Solution: We promised our client a custom-tailored, SEO included, responsive site optimized for multiple web browsing devices. We started our work from scratch and designed a full-fledged, custom tailored layout optimized to cater his digital needs. Our client was happy with the mock-up design and told us to continue the project. Within a short span of time, we prepared slices of the mock-up design and performed few tests. The results were outstanding, the website operated precisely on multiple web browsing devices and all the designing elements were optimized to the fullest. The load-time of the site reduced to 1.98 seconds and all the ranking elements were properly examined. At pebble, we use 34 proven elements that directly contribute to ranking; we effectively implemented these tactics into our customer’s site which helped him to stand a notch above his competitors. We delivered the final product within 45 days and our customer was satisfied with the results.



  • Integrated a custom-tailored design that catered our client’s digital needs.
  • Implemented SEO tactics, now our client’s site pops up on Google’s first result page whenever his customer searches for related products.
  • Created a custom/easy DIY backend.


Technology Used:

  • Photoshop
  • Jquery
  • PHP Framework




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