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We have a vested interest in demonstrating services we provide for our clients’ and how our idea has enhanced their business performance in measurable ways.

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How we boosted a local firm’s online presence by 62% and sales by 45%


Our Client: Our client is a renowned carpet manufacturer who has made a genuine local presence with constant hard work and dedication. Despite being one of the top retailer and whole seller in the carpet industry, our client was unable to drive sales from the online market.

Problem: Our client was a newcomer in the world of online business. Though he has a strong physical presence, his online business was only driving so much of traffic and was not able to see desired results. Then they hired us to analyze the anatomy of their online presence. Their site was not well designed and didn’t match the company’s theme. Along with it, they lacked social media presence and their ranking was beyond the second page in most search engines. Their online business was not delivering adequate ROI and was far cry from being on top.

Solution: We took some time to look into their site and plotted out the elements that required improvisation. We removed the extra widgets that were reducing the speed of the site. After that, we focused on the part of the site that was most clicked by the customers. We optimized the contents and placed engaging contents in most visited platforms which inspired conversion. Then, we analyzed their social media presence. Their Facebook page was dead and we had to imply our proven tactics to bring their page back to life. Within six months, their social media platforms were alive and kicking like never before.


They were able to see an increment in their online traffic by 62%, which helped them to boost their ROI by 45%. Their Facebook pages were timely updated with new and engaging contents and their Facebook followers increased by 265%. Within eight months, the company saw a significant boost in their online sales and stood a notch above their competitors.


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