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Restaurant Chain Benefits from an IT Overhaul from Pebble InfoTech


Our client is a successful businessman who has an urge to expand his chain of restaurants across Kathmandu valley. But like any other businesses who have initiated their steps towards the world of IT, he was also experiencing technical difficulties in his start up process.


In the initial phase, our client inherited few worn out PC’s thinking a restaurant doesn’t require Hi-Tech IT equipments to run the business. His bargain for equipments and IT solutions got his head rattling time after time. With a bunch of old computers patched together by an unprofessional part-time computer guy, he was having issues related to server and connectivity. The orders that were placed on the counter couldn’t be effectively passed to the kitchen; this resulted to a bunch of angry clients and portrayed a wacky image of the restaurant in front of his stakeholders.


After our client briefed us about the problem, we performed a detailed assessment and confirmed that the company had inadequate sources in comparison to their needs. We suggested them to change their entire system and adopt a new technology that offers the best services. Firstly, we replaced their stone age PCs with new Touch Screen 15-Inch POS TFT LCD TouchScreen Monitors. After that, a secure VPN connection was established to avoid hefty roadblocks while carrying out the work. We also installed the new AccuPOS Restaurant Point-of-Sale Software to ensure a smooth flow of work. As expected, the software did its job and we could establish a better connection between kitchen and floor staffs. Besides that, with this innovative software they were able to monitor order history, total sales, inventory used and many more things in an instant.

Plus, to avoid excess waste of money we installed an EMS (Employee Management System) into their system. By using this fascinating tool, they easily evaluated the excess use of labor and optimized the available human resources to the fullest.

And to take their business to a higher ground we also suggested them the following tips

– PPC campaigns to get the attention of local customers.

– Facebook campaigns to highlight their best offers and dish of the day.

– Server System administration and maintenance.

Technology Used

Touch Screen 15-Inch POS TFT LCD TouchScreen Monitors
AccuPOS Restaurant Point-of-Sale Software
Secure VPN connection

• Better communication amongst floor and kitchen staffs.

• Optimization of available resources.

• Hassel free customer service.

• Drastic increment in profit within couple of months.

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