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We have a vested interest in demonstrating services we provide for our clients’ and how our idea has enhanced their business performance in measurable ways.

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Small Business Website – Auto repair

Here is a small case study from one of our client.  We chose this client since this client was very elated with our work performance and thought it will make a good case study so that we can also reflect on ourselves to keep doing what we are supposed to be focused on – Customer satisfaction.


Our client is a small business auto repair shop in the heart of Maryland.  They came with the new website and wanted to mainly  engage ourselves in the world of social media as they were organizing auto drive events and wanted to run facebook contests to increase engagement.


The small business website wanted to have new website redesign and wanted to give a new web 2.0 impression to the clients to  attract online customers and also bring back more customers with engagement.  The company was growing but wanted to use the web and online resources to reach more clients across.  While investigating we found that company’s Google Local account was not properly updated and did not change from the non-existent Google places.


We suggested client a new logo since the logo was too simple without any symbol which can distinguish themselves.  Then we went on to add the client in the local marketplaces like Bing, Yahoo and Google local.  We then built a CMS based website with some beautiful layout as the client wanted to updated constantly with new offers and new blog posts that is encountered every day at the shop.  We also designed their facebook and designed a contest promotion app with free repair sweepstakes.   We also concentrated on the local users with coupon to drive the foot traffic.

We also suggested the following ( remember we never sales push our stuff)

– Pay Per Click campaign to get local search traffic
– SEO optimization since it is a crowded market and choosing of some long tail keywords.
– Bi-weekly Newsletter to give some tips and tricks and also engage users with some special promotion.
– Server System administration  and maintenance.

Technology used:

Facebook SDK
Twitter SDK

• A redesigned, user friendly website.
• New corporate logo.
• Clear and consistent brand identity
• Dramatic increase in local visibility within 1st month.

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