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A pioneer of Tibetan Medicine and Treatment, Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center is Nepal’s first Tibetan herbal based health institution which produces, promotes and preserves the prosperous tradition of ancient Tibetan medicine and medical practices. Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center (KTMC) was officially registered and established in 1973 A.D, under the name ‘Kunphen Aushadi Udhyog’ as the first Nepal Government recognized Tibetan Medicine Center in the country. Since then, it has been actively producing, distributing and delivering Tibetan Herbal Medicines and daily health and social services in Kathmandu valley along with the rural villages in Nepal and also Nyalam, a village situated in Tibet just at China’s border with Nepal.

Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center was established in Nepal and led by its reputed founder: late Dr. Kunsang, a duly respected and recognized name in health, social and educational sectors of Tibetan Medicine. Kunphen started with an elementary drive to produce medicinal preparations based upon Tibetan Dharma and Tibetan Medicine philosophical traditions and make it available to the ones who needed it.

With time, Kunphen Tibetan Medical Center has constantly evolved. It is now a modern institution for the study, improvement and dispersion of conventional Tibetan Medicine in a contemporary manner. Kunphen has outreached its services in Kathmandu Valley with the beginning of an additional branch clinic at a location, Bouddhanath. The particular branch is aimed to be established as a culture center and will be offering Tibetan Medica trainings and teachings in the near future.

The biggest name in the market of Tibetan Traditional Health products, Kunphen has dedicated departments for Herbal Medicine Product Research, Materia Medica Training, Pharmacology, Clinical Research and Mental Health. Apart from manufacturing medicines from selected herbs and secret Tibetan recipes, Kunphen has closely been collaborating with selected Academic Units and NGOs network to encourage seminars and conferences based on Tibetan science of healing. Kunphen aspires to spread out the worth and wisdom of Tibetan Medicine outside of Kathmandu Valley especially in the remote villages of Nepal.

Kunphen has had milestone achievements in terms of expanding the reach and research of Tibetan Herbal Medicine Services, and hence, the place where it is located since its establishment is currently renowned as Kunphen Marg. Kunphen has continually strived to serve people regardless of their origin, religion, caste, color, creed or economical status. Till this date, it maintains its time honored legacy by helping people witness and benefit from the modern practice of ancient Tibetan healing science.

A standard part of the profit derived from the sales and services of Kunphen, on a regular basis, serves as a fund to assist various charitable events, promotion of quality services, preservation of the ancient system of medicine and chiefly, to provide subsidized health care facilities to the old, poor, needy and to monks and nuns.

Kunphen has come a long way and proved to be ethically and lawfully able to carry out Tibetan Medicine production, research and consultations.


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