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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid search marketing is one of fastest and most controllable way to take your brand’s virtual image in front of people who are looking for your services. With PPC, you’ll have to pay only for qualified traffics and it’s easier to control budget and ensure maximum ROI. At Pebble, our PPC services look beyond just managing AdWords and covers the whole nine yards. We encompass all your effective networks from paid social to paid search and design the best campaigns that ensure maximum ROI.

We understand how important Pay Per Click (PPC) is for your organization. Consider this – Almost 40% of users in Google and Yahoo click on the advertisement (see below the image) then look into the page. Remember – PPC is the cheapest and effective form of advertisement if it is managed properly. Although we do also SEO services, PPC personnel on our staff are specialized to handle your paid ads efficiently. We analyze the overall anatomy of your business and figure out the best channels to place your ads.

PPC Management is the ongoing process of building, maintaining and analyzing advertising campaigns at Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other search engines to culminate the best results possible. These platforms are highly complicated and constantly changing. They offer a variety of ways to advertise and each is unique. Currently over a million businesses across the world use these platforms and spend billions of dollars on PPC advertisement. Our PPC experts are well trained, and we provide PPC services at a fraction of cost compared to other IT service providers. We might not be the cheapest since we hire quality personnel and give a lot for the buck. Please review our PPC package and let us start helping your today.

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