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FYI: Which Is The Best Marketing Platform For Your Brand – Facebook vs Snapchat

Needless-to-say, 2016 has been a massive year for Snapchat. With its uproarious rise in digital media, it’s no surprise that Facebook is after few of its successful features. At the same moment, Snapchat is trying to get rid of all the fleeting contents and incorporating new idea to challenge the biggest social media channel – […]

Why Should You Use Short URLs

Over the years, URL shortening websites like bit.ly and tinyurl have established an undisputed presence in the digital market. URL shorteners were first put into practice by marketers who used Twitter as an inseparable part of their marketing strategy. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters in their posts, long URLs can hold marketers back from […]

Set-Up Your Digital Marketing Plan: Paid and Social Advertisement

  The online market is picking up its pace fast, and as modern entrepreneurs, we must crank up the volume of our business and consider digital marketing as a new source to accumulate new customers. But before investing in digital marketing, you’ll have to figure out the best answer for this immediate question: Which channel […]


In context of our country, when it comes to handling local business we don’t pay much attention to social media. Most of us consider tradition aspect and follow things that are being continued over the generation. The classical approach might be working well for most of us, but if we want to reach a new […]

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