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Five Simple Hacks to Write Persuasive Web Contents

Every web writer loves to write explicit web contents. We don’t want to be average, we want to be exceptional. We use complex vocabulary, captivating images, and complex paragraphs to make our contents stand a notch above our competitors, right? But, writing for the web is different.  Unlike, readers of printed texts who read every […]

Six Factors To Consider While Optimizing Your Site

Search engine optimization is an indispensable part of every website; it allows search engine spiders to crawl and acquire adequate information from your site. But, how can you ensure that these crawlers have the right information? First and foremost, it is important to understand what search engines actually look for. The internal algorithm of search […]

Securing Your Web Server

Does having an SSL certificate on your server makes it secure? Interesting question! Well, there are many factors that determine the secure server.   After building a TCP connection, the SSL handshake is started by the client. The client (which can be a browser as well as any other program such as Windows Update or […]

User Reviews For Local SEO

Customer reviews are an important scoring element for modern SEO and it should not be overlooked by online sellers. Customer reviews are essential for local businesses. It doesn’t matter if your site is e-commerce or not, reviews will help you to boost your position in search engines. For instance – Just search for restaurants in […]

8 Proven Ways To Improve The Visibility Of Your WordPress Blog

Starting a new WordPress blog site is an exciting endeavor, but to place your blog contents on your customers’ desk is nothing less than a mammoth task. In most cases, creating and posting interesting blogs is not enough. To get results, you need to promote your contents on different web platforms. Needless-to-say, marketing has always […]

Boost sales by improving your trust signals

Undoubtedly, getting your audiences into your sales funnel and encouraging them to convert is a mammoth task. Many businesses are constantly hunting for effective mediums to convert the traffic they get. On the process, they mainly look out for things like button optimization, A/B testing and having a more persuasive copy. But most marketers avoid […]

5 Tips For Creating An Effective Blog Plan

Creating an interactive blog channel requires more than a bunch of blog posts being posted on regular basis. You need a strong content strategy and planning when you are working with multiple writers. You should also allocate time to interact with your audiences and respond to their queries frequently.  If blogging is one of the […]

Five Steps For Creating An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

There is an increasing demand for unique content in the market, but with all the tough competition it’s hard to stand-out and generate an impactful content marketing plan. More than 80% marketers’ use content marketing, but amongst all, only 30% have succeeded to make their efforts effective. Remember, there is a huge gap between planning, […]

Why Storytelling Is Important For Marketing

We writers do it often. We recall all the things that happened throughout the day and build our own narratives. It’s just a basic exercise we do every day to keep our brain muscles flexible. You can compare it with big time athletes who spend hours in a gymnasium to warm-up. But, what about the […]

How to Guide: Design Compelling Mobile Menu

It doesn’t matter what logo, menu button or navigational system your mobile site has but it’s critical for every mobile site to be unique. More than 70% of internet users are on mobile, so it’s more than essential for brands to build an intuitive mobile site that encourages users to interact. The contents of the […]

Why Should You Update Your Old Content

Every content has an expiry date. In fact, contents are only most effective within the first few of days of publishing, after that they slowly start to lose their value. The expiry date of content depends on the type of industry; some companies need to change their contents frequently while others can use the same […]

FYI: Which Is The Best Marketing Platform For Your Brand – Facebook vs Snapchat

Needless-to-say, 2016 has been a massive year for Snapchat. With its uproarious rise in digital media, it’s no surprise that Facebook is after few of its successful features. At the same moment, Snapchat is trying to get rid of all the fleeting contents and incorporating new idea to challenge the biggest social media channel – […]

What Content You Should Create?

Being a content marketer is hard, you have to choose amongst thousands of topics and filter relevant contents for your brand. And for starters, it’s essential to understand that stumbling upon thousands of contents will not take you anywhere fast. Instead, you can pick specific topics that you are good at. By doing so, you […]

Why Digital Marketing Is An Inseparable Channel For Financial Companies

Consumer technology is moving at a rapid pace. On the contrary, financial services are revolutionizing in a slow rate and are unable to stand up to customers’ expectation. Whenever it comes to digital marketing, most financial institutes take a hasty decision at their own peril. Financial institutes are in the midst of the digital era […]

Why Does Your Magento E-Commerce Site Gets Hacked

Undoubtedly, Magento is a stable and secure platform with the best security features. But a Magento site will be hacked if you don’t pay attention to certain parts of the system. Recently, we received few complaints from our clients notifying that their site got attacked or hacked. An attack on a Magento e-commerce can do […]

How to use In-Page Analytics to boost conversions

Finding the right starting point is a mammoth task for marketers who want to take their business to the next level. Amongst all, most marketers beat around the bush without knowing what works best for their business. For most small and large scale enterprise, In-Page Analytics might be the right starting point. It is an […]

Why Should You Use Short URLs

Over the years, URL shortening websites like bit.ly and tinyurl have established an undisputed presence in the digital market. URL shorteners were first put into practice by marketers who used Twitter as an inseparable part of their marketing strategy. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters in their posts, long URLs can hold marketers back from […]

Set-Up Your Digital Marketing Plan: Paid and Social Advertisement

  The online market is picking up its pace fast, and as modern entrepreneurs, we must crank up the volume of our business and consider digital marketing as a new source to accumulate new customers. But before investing in digital marketing, you’ll have to figure out the best answer for this immediate question: Which channel […]

4 Tips to Remember While Writing For Mobile Users

While you are writing contents, mobile devices are the last thing you worry about. But in this era of smartphones, most of your readers view your posts from their palmtop devices. A majority of content marketers don’t acknowledge the differences but if you are targeting mobile audiences there are certain practices you must follow to […]

Elements of Modern SEO You Could Be Missing Out

A comprehensive guide to content marketers who are stuck with Old-School SEO techniques. A Brief Introduction to SEO Imagine for a minute that you are a librarian, but not a normal one; you are a librarian for every book in the world. Everyday people depend upon you to find the exact book they need, so […]

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