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5 Tips For Creating An Effective Blog Plan

Creating an interactive blog channel requires more than a bunch of blog posts being posted on regular basis. You need a strong content strategy and planning when you are working with multiple writers. You should also allocate time to interact with your audiences and respond to their queries frequently.  If blogging is one of the […]

Five Steps For Creating An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

There is an increasing demand for unique content in the market, but with all the tough competition it’s hard to stand-out and generate an impactful content marketing plan. More than 80% marketers’ use content marketing, but amongst all, only 30% have succeeded to make their efforts effective. Remember, there is a huge gap between planning, […]

How to Guide: Design Compelling Mobile Menu

It doesn’t matter what logo, menu button or navigational system your mobile site has but it’s critical for every mobile site to be unique. More than 70% of internet users are on mobile, so it’s more than essential for brands to build an intuitive mobile site that encourages users to interact. The contents of the […]

Why Should You Update Your Old Content

Every content has an expiry date. In fact, contents are only most effective within the first few of days of publishing, after that they slowly start to lose their value. The expiry date of content depends on the type of industry; some companies need to change their contents frequently while others can use the same […]

What Content You Should Create?

Being a content marketer is hard, you have to choose amongst thousands of topics and filter relevant contents for your brand. And for starters, it’s essential to understand that stumbling upon thousands of contents will not take you anywhere fast. Instead, you can pick specific topics that you are good at. By doing so, you […]

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