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Why Should You Update Your Old Content


Every content has an expiry date. In fact, contents are only most effective within the first few of days of publishing, after that they slowly start to lose their value.

The expiry date of content depends on the type of industry; some companies need to change their contents frequently while others can use the same contents for a number of years. Inevitably, when your content starts to grow old you will see a decline in results. So, in this competitive market, it’s more than important for brands to change or update their contents in order to keep up with competitors.

Here are eight reasons why your brand must update contents.

Reason#1 To Elevate Your CTR Rate

The best place to start your evaluation is from Google Search Analytics. Jus log-in into your analytics and check the CTR rate for every piece of content, the analytics will clearly portray which part of your contents have low CTR rate. Contents with low CTR rate need an instant update, so without being a couch potato start digging into your Analytics and start to make things right.

Also, check your meta title and description. Make sure that you have embedded relevant keywords that directly contribute to SEO. Also use alluring words on your meta-description that can bring more traffic to your site.

Reason#2 Your Content Might Not Be Well Written

Never rush while publishing your contents, instead take some time and distribute new contents among your colleagues for proofreading. Poorly written contents can drive away audiences and worse your customers might lose the trust in your brand.

However, you can still save your brand’s reputation from drowning. Before you post anything, make sure to re-read everything you are going to publish at least twice. Improve the language, use punctuations properly, cut irrelevant facts and make it readable.

Reason#3 Your Contents Might Not Drive Traffic

As content marketers, it’s always essential for us to check our company’s analytics and find out which piece of content is bringing zero or little traffic. You might be surprised with the results and may have to twist things a bit to obtain desired results.

Hoping your contents are well written won’t reposition your contents on SERP. So make a list and prioritize valuable contents that can bring your brand’s position on SERP and start updating them.

Reason#4 Outdated Information

No one wants to see the outdated information, outdated contents are bad contents. If you want to drive more traffic to your site you must cater fresh and updated contents.

Failing to update information on your page reflects the poor status of your brand. So the information that you provide to your audiences must be accurate and fresh. If people land on your page and you provide them wrong information then you will be responsible for all the blame.

Reason#5 To Update Your Links

If you have attached hyperlinks to your contents then make sure that the links are still working. Clicking on a broken link can be annoying and your customers can leave your site because of such problems.

You won’t have to alter the entire contents to fix the broken links. Just check the links and if you find any broken links replace them with new ones.

Reason#6 To Add Recent Updates

Sometimes you’ll have to publish contents in a hurry. This takes place mostly if your brand is associated with news portals and media houses, where you have to provide fresh and accurate contents. As you continue to reach our resources and extract adequate information. In fact, it takes days for some facts to come out.

If you have to publish such contents make sure that you update your contents with the recent information. You can do so by adding a note at the beginning or end of the post.

Reason#7 To Add Visual Contents

Text-based posts are boring and it’s the images and videos that allure your audiences towards your page. Visual contents help users to generate new ideas regarding your contents and will help them to remember your brand for a longer period of time.

Apart from that, visual contents also help you to break down the long blocks of text and will prevent readers fleeing towards the back button. But, make sure to add relevant video/image which helps you to elaborate the piece of content you have published.

Reason#8 To Reach New Audiences

Republishing or updating your contents will enhance your brand’s visibility and provide your dead content a second chance. Promote it via social media channels, email newsletter and if you have the adequate budget don’t hesitate to invest in social ads as well.


Outdated contents distort the success of even the most proficient content marketers. With the rapid pace of time, the value of your contents will diminish. This is why you must update your contents frequently; you’ll just have to put in minimal effort to derive maximum benefit.

Apart from that, updating your contents can also help you rank higher on SERP, provide better links, more customers and drive sales.



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