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What Content You Should Create?


Being a content marketer is hard, you have to choose amongst thousands of topics and filter relevant contents for your brand. And for starters, it’s essential to understand that stumbling upon thousands of contents will not take you anywhere fast. Instead, you can pick specific topics that you are good at. By doing so, you can cut through the noise and stay a step ahead in this era of competition.

Choose the right contents

If you want to create customer-focused content, the first and most important step is to reduce your options to the minimum. Make sure that you are not bombarding your blog and content pages with everything that falls into your circle. Instead, map out a scalable strategy and inhabit only so much of content which you can handle.

For instance, your brand’s main theme is “lifestyle”. Here you might want to break down your contents. You might have to choose between the contents that fall into this particular topic. Here are few best examples: DIY home decoration, cooking, parenting, personal development etc. Apart from that, you can also write blogs about parenting, raising special-needs children etc. This will provide tour contents a better foundation and help you build a name in a particular segment.

4 Questions to Help You Write Fabulous Contents

  1. What Do You Love?

Unless you discover what you love, you’ll be beating around the bush and developing contents that you have no idea of. This will lead to a lifetime of uninspired work and boredom. Remember, the demand for content is large, so it’s easy to make a successful career by writing about the things you love. Keeping these things in mind, you might want to take some time, hold a pen and paper and jot down your biggest passions. This will allow you to focus on the elements that you are good at and ensure a long-term success.

  1. How to find the right spot to place your contents?

After finding the right elements that you are good at, start writing about those things and find the places on the web where your contents fit the best. While this can be a mammoth task due to the overcrowded amount contents on the web, I ensure that it’s possible. Everything that you think might be available on the internet, so you might have to modify the same piece of topic and mold things your way, and provide fresh and new perspective. 

  1. What Do You Bring to the Table That Others Don’t?

Like I mentioned earlier, it will be nearly impossible to find a topic that hasn’t been touched by a different writer or blogger. But you can set your standards by including your unique style and experience to it. Keep this thing in mind; take some time to think about the things you can include in your contents to make it stand out amongst others.

Content creation is a creative job. As a content writer, you must try new things and take our contents in front of our target audiences. In all cases, your mission must be to use unique skills and enhance your contents with your style.

  1. What can You Leave Behind?

Many people suppress their uniqueness in fear of being specific. But, the main idea of content marketing is to become a master of one specific trade rather than being the jack of all. While you are focusing on what everyone else is doing, you might end up abandoning things that might be in your favor. Instead, talking about your original contents will help you to portray your brand’s true image in front of your audiences. This will help you to focus on your contents even more and allows you to speak to your target audience directly.


Undoubtedly, prioritizing content creation is a mammoth task, but it’s one of the best things to do if you want to create compelling contents. It allows you to focus on your core content rather than stumble over many. With time, it will help you to offer better contents to your customer and stand out in your industry.



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