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User Reviews For Local SEO

Customer reviews are an important scoring element for modern SEO and it should not be overlooked by online sellers. Customer reviews are essential for local businesses. It doesn’t matter if your site is e-commerce or not, reviews will help you to boost your position in search engines. For instance – Just search for restaurants in […]

Importance of Online Presence for Business

How robust is the presence of your business at this point ? You own a physical store, you have a bunch of old customers who are very reliable and most of all you have a steady income that’s enough to make a healthy living. But, is it enough? Ask yourselves, a clear-cut answer will come […]

App Indexing – A Feasible Route for App Developers

App Indexing: With App Indexing surfing the internet has become much easier. When someone searches for a particular content on Google from their mobile devices results can be directly viewed from the app they’ve installed. When they click on the results displayed in SERP, the device offers them with option and allows them to visit […]

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