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Securing Your Web Server

Does having an SSL certificate on your server makes it secure? Interesting question! Well, there are many factors that determine the secure server.   After building a TCP connection, the SSL handshake is started by the client. The client (which can be a browser as well as any other program such as Windows Update or […]

5 Tips For Creating An Effective Blog Plan

Creating an interactive blog channel requires more than a bunch of blog posts being posted on regular basis. You need a strong content strategy and planning when you are working with multiple writers. You should also allocate time to interact with your audiences and respond to their queries frequently.  If blogging is one of the […]

Why Storytelling Is Important For Marketing

We writers do it often. We recall all the things that happened throughout the day and build our own narratives. It’s just a basic exercise we do every day to keep our brain muscles flexible. You can compare it with big time athletes who spend hours in a gymnasium to warm-up. But, what about the […]

Educational Program for Kundalini School

Escaping from our hectic office schedule, we made our way to a small elementary school located on the outskirts of Ringroad. As planned, we (Pebble InfoTech team) gathered at Jorpati and started our journey towards Kundalini School. We made our way through bumpy roads of Narayantar and were stuck in a traffic jam for an […]

4 SEO Tips for Bloggers

  A good blog can take you to the top. If you do it the right way. In this modern era of technology, an interesting blog is considered as a key source of free information. And, who doesn’t love free information, we’ll definitely look into a particular topic if it offers us a $1000 tip […]

How to Set-Up an Effective Content Marketing Plan  

With content marketing becoming the hot advertisement medium, every business wants a piece of it. In simple words, everyone is pursuing content marketing as their ultimate marketing strategy. So, how do you stand at the forefront of the content marketing battlefield and stay undefeated? You make a plan; most likely a full-proof plan. And here […]

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