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4 SEO Tips for Bloggers



A good blog can take you to the top. If you do it the right way.

In this modern era of technology, an interesting blog is considered as a key source of free information. And, who doesn’t love free information, we’ll definitely look into a particular topic if it offers us a $1000 tip for free. That’s why blogging is considered as the most reliable source for content marketing. With a well written blog you can provide steady stream of contents to your customers and grab their attention every time they come across your contents. Overall, blogging is an easy way to keep your face in front of your customers.

Use WordPress

I don’t know why most of the bloggers tend to push themselves away from WordPress. It is one of the reliable tools for blogging with the capability to handle search engine optimization like a pro.  Studies have shown that WordPress has the potential to solve 80-90% of your SEO problems. WordPress includes a permalink setting that allows you customize your blog post’s URL. For example: www.smallmedia.com/ video-editing-tools instead of www.smallmedia.com/?=323. And, when you feature such URL, Google bots can easily crawl into the anatomy of your blog and offer better ranking in SERP. Besides that, WordPress also includes a bunch of SEO tools like webmaster toolkit, sitemap generator and meta/SEO tools.

Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity

Google is getting smarter, they look for sites with trust and authority. They will crawl into your site and figure out what you are talking about and how your neighboring sites are evaluating your contents. In case you’re confused, neighboring sites are your social media influencers, customers, business associates etc.

Also, Google will look into your site and figure out bounce rate. Remember the length of engagement matters, Google considers users engagement and evaluates the time spent by the visitors on your site, and it is one of the key factors that determines your ranking in Google’s SERP.

In simple words, if your blog looks like something that’s written by an elementary school kid, Google will recognize it and place it on the bottom of the chain. Plus, Google bots also have the capability to figure out the duplicate and repetitive contents. So, instead of running after mass-production focus on quality and create fresh contents to stand a notch above your competitors.

Offer Fresh Contents

Search engines and fresh contents are closely connected. To enhance your visibility on SERP, Contents need to be fresh. Stale and outdated contents will get you nowhere. To eradicate the hurdles, you’ll have revise your old contents and add new contents between regular time intervals. A new blog will add an extra page to your site and you’ll be able to generate some points related to search engines with that.

Plus, include the factors that can make your blog look special. Optimize your contents with  interesting write-ups , videos, inforgraphics, white papers, memes etc. By doing so, you’ll have a better chance to keep your face in front of your customers.

Link’em All

To gain kudos with the web crawlers a blog needs to have multiple, quality links. Search engine bots evaluates the links that are embedded on you blogs. Don’t’ use cheap links from seedy sites like link farm, instead use authentic links from trusted sites. You can build good links by guest posting the links of sites with a high rating. But, make sure that these links fall into the circle of your niche. Besides, you can also build good relationship with webmasters by posting outbound links on your blog posts.

Summing Up

Remember blogging won’t get you to the top of the charts overnight. It takes time and strategy, but with continuous effort the end results will be fruitful. Optimize your blog contents, and provide genuine solutions to your customer. A good blog always leads to better engagement and  shares, and conclusively it will enhance your sites ranking and visibility on SERP.


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