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4 Tips to Remember While Writing For Mobile Users

4 Tips to Remember While Writing For Mobile Users

While you are writing contents, mobile devices are the last thing you worry about. But in this era of smartphones, most of your readers view your posts from their palmtop devices. A majority of content marketers don’t acknowledge the differences but if you are targeting mobile audiences there are certain practices you must follow to optimize your site. With all the new and engaging customers coming from smartphones, if your contents are not designed for mobile audiences you can miss out a large customer base. To elevate you from this hassle, we will be looking into four basic elements that every content marketer should consider while writing for modern audiences.

Mobile Experience

Unlike desktops, the experience of reading on a mobile device is quite unique. Basically, when we read on desktop devices we tend to start from the top but on mobile devices, most readers roll their eye on the center. So, the anatomy of crafting compelling contents is quite unique. Besides, the volume of text should also be smaller; your visitors don’t prefer scrolling for ages just to read your piece of content. More preferably, they’ll switch to your competitor’s site and get their solutions. In all cases, it’s important to craft contents by analyzing your customers and deliver the best experience to your users.

Short Compelling Headlines

Long headlines can occupy a large space in mobile devices. Apparently, the screen sizes of mobile devices are small and they cannot display long headlines in one short line. You must always try to shape compelling headlines that can grab the attention of your audiences without occupying the whole screen. Besides, most mobile users are always in a rush and it would be easy for them to scan and digest small headlines.

Start -Off With Strong Points

While writing articles for mobile users you’ll have less space to accommodate your entire information, allowing you to display only so much of your contents at a time. So, it’s best to start with powerful points with the capacity to compel your customers to scroll towards the bottom of the page. Make strong promises and claims on the front to make your audiences compel to read the entire article. Think of it as a reader, what would you like to see in your content that’s worth putting up in front.

Keep it Short

Before writing walls of texts, think how your contents will be displayed on a small screen. A Huge paragraph of texts will be hard to read and conclusively prevent your readers from scrolling further. Remember, most of your readers are on-the-go and are just searching for short and meaningful snippets. Besides, short paragraph is easy to read on mobile devices and will keep your readers engaged with your contents. So, keep these things in mind before writing your next mobile content.

Summing Up

While writing contents for mobile, you should only concentrate on the core of your topic. Try to be informative and avoid fluffy and distractive points. Say the point you need to make and finish up. And eliminate all the unnecessary verbiage that will steer your customers away from the main topic.

In all cases, the length of your contents can be short or long depending upon the topic. But, you should only make it long as it needs and not any longer. The invention of smartphones has greatly influenced the digital world. So, you might have to twist things a little if you want to engage smartphone users effectively.


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