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8 Proven Ways To Improve The Visibility Of Your WordPress Blog


Starting a new WordPress blog site is an exciting endeavor, but to place your blog contents on your customers’ desk is nothing less than a mammoth task. In most cases, creating and posting interesting blogs is not enough. To get results, you need to promote your contents on different web platforms.

Needless-to-say, marketing has always been a great option to drive target audiences to a particular site. You can convey your brand’s message to a large number of audiences using proven tactics. Similar, a blogger must optimize his posts with an aim to promote them across different online platforms to generate more traffic and leads.

Due to high competition, it’s hard to ensure your blog’s success. Besides that, the ever changing algorithm of Panda and Penguin demands changes in techniques for promoting a blog. So to ease your burden, we have accumulated 10 tested ways to promote your WordPress blog.

  1. Create Quality Contents


The foremost step is to create informative, quality and engaging contents for your blog site.

To stand out among your competitors, you must write articles to solve your audiences’ problems and provides them a rich reading experience. If it stands up to their expectation then they will start to trust your brand and share your contents across their social media platforms.

If this happens, your audiences will be your promoters and they won’t hesitate to tell their friends about your awesome blog posts. This will help you to efficiently improve your web presence.

  1. Install suitable theme


Web design is an important aspect which leaves the first and last impression on your audiences mind. The overall look and feel of your design should be visually appealing and capture the attention of your audiences. In all cases, it’s crucial for you to design a theme that portrays the purpose of your blog.

Don’t take a hasty decision while selecting the theme for your brand. Take your time and select a theme that enhances the usability of your blog and matches your brand’s theme. If you can provide a great user experience then it will help you to drive more traffic towards your blog.

  1. Social Media Promotion


To keep your blog alive and kicking, it’s essential to market your blogs across different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc. This helps you to bring more traffic into your blog site. And if you want more effective results then you need to share your contents in relevant groups.

You can also create a Facebook page and add your target audiences. This will help you to reach audiences who share a similar interest for your products and services. Then you can post your contents through your Facebook account.

You can also include social sharing icons on your blog posts. This allows your readers to share your contents on their social media accounts.

  1. Customize permalinks


Did you know that WordPress can generate a permalink for you automatically? You can customize your blog’s URL and feature relevant keywords. A keyword-rich/ readable URL can add a great SEO value to your blog.

So, try to customize your permalink so that it reflects the purpose of your content.

  1. Use guest posting


Guest post is one of the interesting ways to allure more readers towards your blog. It means writing a blog for someone else’s company or blog site.

Most of you might be wondering how a guest post can enhance the visibility of your blog.

It is a great strategy used by most proficient bloggers to attract more audiences into their channel. Not only it promotes your blogs, but also helps you to earn more inbound links.

  1. Create search-optimized blog posts


WordPress offers tons of plugins such as All in On SEO and Yoast to optimize titles and descriptions of blog posts. These plugins will create SEO friendly description and title tags to help our contents rank higher on different search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Besides that, make sure that all your title tags and meta descriptions contain relevant keywords which are readable. In all cases, your meta description and title tags should provide a brief insight of your contents in an appealing way.

  1. Make use of YouTube videos


YouTube is considered as the next big search engine after Google. It is a large platform where you can post your brand’s videos to attract more potential visitors.

But, to attract visitors you must be very creative from your side. You cannot compromise on the video and sound quality. Your video must be interesting and should motivate your visitors to continue till the very end.

You can begin with a simple video, which can help you to create compelling videos in the near future. This will inspire you to do something creative and innovative.

  1. Email marketing


Email marketing is an interesting way to promote your blog. Create your email list and try to add more subscribers to generate quality leads.

These subscribers will help you to promote your blogs across different social media platforms. You might have to build a massive email list to drive more visitors towards your blog site.


Without a doubt, these ideas can help you to boost the visibility of your blog. In near future, these proven tips will help you to generate more traffic and leads.


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