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User Reviews For Local SEO

Customer reviews are an important scoring element for modern SEO and it should not be overlooked by online sellers. Customer reviews are essential for local businesses. It doesn’t matter if your site is e-commerce or not, reviews will help you to boost your position in search engines. For instance – Just search for restaurants in […]

8 Proven Ways To Improve The Visibility Of Your WordPress Blog

Starting a new WordPress blog site is an exciting endeavor, but to place your blog contents on your customers’ desk is nothing less than a mammoth task. In most cases, creating and posting interesting blogs is not enough. To get results, you need to promote your contents on different web platforms. Needless-to-say, marketing has always […]

Five Steps For Creating An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

There is an increasing demand for unique content in the market, but with all the tough competition it’s hard to stand-out and generate an impactful content marketing plan. More than 80% marketers’ use content marketing, but amongst all, only 30% have succeeded to make their efforts effective. Remember, there is a huge gap between planning, […]

FYI: Which Is The Best Marketing Platform For Your Brand – Facebook vs Snapchat

Needless-to-say, 2016 has been a massive year for Snapchat. With its uproarious rise in digital media, it’s no surprise that Facebook is after few of its successful features. At the same moment, Snapchat is trying to get rid of all the fleeting contents and incorporating new idea to challenge the biggest social media channel – […]

What Content You Should Create?

Being a content marketer is hard, you have to choose amongst thousands of topics and filter relevant contents for your brand. And for starters, it’s essential to understand that stumbling upon thousands of contents will not take you anywhere fast. Instead, you can pick specific topics that you are good at. By doing so, you […]

Why Does Your Magento E-Commerce Site Gets Hacked

Undoubtedly, Magento is a stable and secure platform with the best security features. But a Magento site will be hacked if you don’t pay attention to certain parts of the system. Recently, we received few complaints from our clients notifying that their site got attacked or hacked. An attack on a Magento e-commerce can do […]

Why Should You Use Short URLs

Over the years, URL shortening websites like bit.ly and tinyurl have established an undisputed presence in the digital market. URL shorteners were first put into practice by marketers who used Twitter as an inseparable part of their marketing strategy. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters in their posts, long URLs can hold marketers back from […]

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site Within An Hour

  Every time when I create a website the results are not 100% accurate. So, before delivering the final product I perform certain tests to see whether the site is fully optimized or not. I will give you a quick example. Recently, I completed a project – www.jmt.org.np. The initial grades were terrible. 54/ 100 […]

Importance of Online Presence for Business

How robust is the presence of your business at this point ? You own a physical store, you have a bunch of old customers who are very reliable and most of all you have a steady income that’s enough to make a healthy living. But, is it enough? Ask yourselves, a clear-cut answer will come […]

How does Google determine your local ranking?

How does Google determine your local ranking? With every passing second of time, Google is getting smarter and our sites are becoming more transparent to them. Recently, Google revealed their top ranking signals for local SEO. They updated their My Business help page and added new information to boost local ranking with practical demonstrations. The first […]

An Untapped Goldmine: Mobile For Business

The versatility of smart phones have marked another milestone in the world of technology. With mobile devices you can place the entire news of the world on the top of your palm. If we analyze the current scenario, mobile devices have surpassed desktop search and obtained a  position on the top of the chart as […]

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs To Survive In The Wost Situation

“Will my business make it to the top?” –  As entrepreneurs this is a common question that makes our head rattle time after time. Most of us have failed to keep up with our competitors and consequently it has taken all our efforts straight down the drain. To keep up in the market it takes […]

Simple Tricks to Get the Best Out Of Your Employees

One common question that pops up in every entrepreneur’s head is, How to get the best out of my employees without throwing big bucks? Indeed if you have enough budgets to allocate on employee benefits, you will motivate them to do better in upcoming days. Besides that, you will also derive loyalty and build goodwill […]


In context of our country, when it comes to handling local business we don’t pay much attention to social media. Most of us consider tradition aspect and follow things that are being continued over the generation. The classical approach might be working well for most of us, but if we want to reach a new […]

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