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An Untapped Goldmine: Mobile For Business


The versatility of smart phones have marked another milestone in the world of technology. With mobile devices you can place the entire news of the world on the top of your palm. If we analyze the current scenario, mobile devices have surpassed desktop search and obtained a  position on the top of the chart as one of the favorite web browsing gadgets. More that 70% of the total internet users browse the web from their mobile devices, and if your site is not optimized for mobile devices you might lose a handful of valuable audiences. Besides, there are multiple announcements from Google emphasizing their favoritism of mobile-friendly sites in mobile search results come as no surprise.

Optimizing Mobile for Search and UX

Optimization of mobile pages is a must to enhance your mobile search traffic. So, without any further delay let’s look into the best practices applied by experts.

  • Feature separate meta tags for mobile pages to let your users know that your site is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Use snippets and short titles instead of long description.
  • Use schema markup to identify the pages and its content as local business.
  • Feature mobile conversions to help your audiences to get what they want.
  • Use a mobile store finder software to expedite the optimization of your mobile finder for each location, ensuring each has a mobile page.

Remember your final goal should not be limited to rank your site on SERPs. Focus more on conversion and optimize your page to derive engagement. Plus, your site should answer your target audiences queries, deliver their needs and should inspire them to take required action.

Budget Allocation: Comparatively, mobile ads stand a notch above paper ads when it comes to conversion.  Still the cost of paper ads are disproportionately high. This doesn’t mean you should sit on your couch and throw in hand full of money on paper ads.

Most people still spend a large portion of their advertising revenue on paper ads. But the ROI on paper advertisement are relatively low when compared to mobile ads. However, the spend on mobile must align with revenue. Marketers must have the capability  to look into the anatomy of mobile search and evaluate track clicks, sales and conversion.

Summing up

With technical advancement the value of mobile devices have reached to a whole new level. Mobile devices have the largest circle of audiences and has the potential to take your business to a higher grounds.



March 9, 2016   Blog, ROI, SEO

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