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5 Tips to Ensure Your Business Growth


Firstly, I would like to ask everyone – What is the core element that helps your business to reach the long run?  If we look from business perspective, marketing is the prime element that concludes long run survival of any business. But, this doesn’t mean that anything will work. If you really want to enhance your business’s performance it’s essential to shape effective marketing strategies.

In the context of our country, most of the local vendors/ entrepreneurs still follow the traditional approach. And, it’s good if you want to maintain your current business status and are not looking for any future possibilities. But, if you want growth then you might have to twitch things a bit and incorporate some new changes. Today, I will introduce you with some innovative ideas that are being used by most of the successful companies to enhance their performance.

Know the Core of Your Business

As marketers, the first thing that we need to understand is the core of our business before approaching other marketing elements. Firstly, you’ll need to understand the numbers and subtleties of your business. Without understanding these two elements you will not be able to take the most effective decisions essential for your marketing channels.

Besides that, you will also need to analyze some other additional items. Here are some basic questions that you need to acknowledge before going into the depths of your marketing campaigns.

  • Who are my customers?
  • What is the value of each customer?
  • What is my profit per customer?
  • Average cost to acquire a new customer?
  • Who are my target customers?

So, I think you have acquired the basics before digging into your marketing campaigns.

Seek Out the New and Innovative Ideas

The marketing world is always evolving, and as marketers we must always be ready to embrace the changes and stand on the cutting edge of the new trends. Most of us find it easy to stay on our simplest strategies but it might not be the right thing to do if you have an urge to climb the ladder of success.

So, if you agree on this point the first thing you can do is start competitive analysis of your business. Seek out the strategies used by your competitors and determine their efficiency. And after that check out your own contents and try to incorporate new ideas to stay ahead on the track. Besides that, also initiate a campaign to evaluate your niches social media platforms, business pages etc. After that, leverage the channels that are driving business for them and use them to your own advantage.

 Use Innovative Growth Hacks

An ideal growth hack has the potential to take your business to a higher ground. If implemented properly a good growth hack can convert your business from a struggling scrap place to a corporate house. But it’s a shame that till date most marketers aren’t even willing to give it a try.

For most marketers time and creativity is a big issue. Most marketers are busy; they have to allocate most of their time to shape up the marketing channels and are always seeking out the best solutions for their marketing campaigns. So, it’s best to pick out a time frame and set aside your regular works to find out innovative ways to reach your target audiences, using the latest technology. Plus, conduct a brainstorming session with technical geeks on your team and figure out the latest tools you can use.

Develop a Clear Marketing Plan

Before initializing your steps into the market, you should build a clear cut plan to define your strategies. The plan should be well presented in front of your executives and teammates to provide a clear cut vision of your concept. For this you can find tons of templates in Google, just spare some time to type in few sets of words in Google’s search bar and you’ll be all set to go. Here are some essential things that you must include in your planner.

  • Include a timeframe and list the calendar of events.
  • Highlight each marketing initiatives and don’t forget to project the growth of your campaign and ROI.
  • Include a backup plan, in case the main one fails.

If you are seriously into your business, know that verbal planning is not going to work. So, list down your plans and strategically implement them into your business to foresee future growth and progress.

Be Prepared to Dance Around Negative Numbers

Not all great plans are successful, but don’t just give up if your particular plan fails. To shape up the best marketing strategies you’ll have to tackle loads of obstacles on the way. Hence, you might also have to put your most beloved plans into the list of scraps. But, as marketers we must always be ready to pull out the plug for what’s not working, and figure out the most effective plans for our business. Willingly check out your analytics frequently and determine the best plans that are working for your brand.

My bottom line here is that instead of making bad things look good, be ready to eradicate them if necessary. This will help you to allocate your resources properly and will clear the hurdles that are getting on your path of progress.


The ideas that I have mentioned above might help, but to get the best you’ll have to conduct market researches and seek out the best ways to stay on the top of the list. For now, look into the ideas that I’ve listed out and enjoy the fruitful results.

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