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Happy International Programmer’s Day

Every once in a while, a revolutionary products comes along that changes everything and all the credit goes to versatile group of people commonly known to us as “Programmers”. It’s because of their dedication that we have stepped into this global era of technology.

Every year on 7th January, International Programmer’s Day is celebrated throughout the world to highlight the importance of programmers and commemorate their dedication in the world of Information and Technology. Today, we are offered with wide range of modern computers, smartphones, touchscreen devices and many more products that has made our daily life easier. Obviously, we thank the manufacturing company for their goods, but have we ever acknowledged the mind working behind that company. Remember, the backbone of every IT company are the programmers who are constantly pushing themselves for clever codes, cloud security solutions, updates and all the things that you could ever think of.

So, if you have a close colleague or a friend who is working as a programmer then don’t forget to wish them a very happy programmer’s day. 


January 7, 2016   Blog

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