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How to write an attractive email


Remember, less is more. Keep your email short, to the point with words that are warm and full of emotion. Don’t be a Robot while writing an email. Try to connect to the ones who will be reading it. Be human. Keep your selfishness aside; there is no use of it for now.

Accept errors. Be trustworthy and genuine: Stay away from automated greetings and always talk person to person. The correct word is ‘You’. Point out mistakes, if any. 

The golden rule is that there is no golden rule.

Be innovative and experiment: That’s the only way by means of which you can keep the reader’s eye glued to your words. Throw out the blueprints of old email formats, erase the templates and add your personal touch in your writing.

Introduce the key links earlier in your email:Within the first few lines of the email, the reader should understand which links are most advantageous.

Answer the most important question: Why? Maybe, ask a few questions yourselves. Whether you are linking to an offer, see more or your webpage—keep your promise that there is something worthy on the other side.

Quit being monotonous: Adapt some excitement, intelligence and humor. Emphasize on benefits and highlight the deadlines. Use of numbers like 7 or 54 brings to a halt to the wavering eyes.

Keep your Emails exclusive:Last but certainly not the least; keep your emails exclusive, up to date and real. Write as a friend, you shall get the response as one.

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