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Tips and Tricks to make your Emails more Clickable

     Emails and the CLICK! Techniques to make your emails more Clickable.

Right at the door and the key is lost? Irritating, isn’t it? Quite the same kind of tremors passes through the professional side of yours when you look at your email stats and notice that they don’t stand up to your expectations.



The enthusiasm with which you composed that graceful email looks quite inadequate judged by the different types of email click-through rates (CTRs). It’s even worse when you imagine your email getting piled up in hundreds of inboxes or the spam folders.
Now, let’s change the picture, shall we?

Pick that idly sitting email up, imagine it reaching out to thousands of individuals among your target audience and the best part–they are actually opening and reading your email. Your business objective is getting fulfilled, your sales are increasing, inbound marketing strategies are put into implementation, your brand awareness had boosted up, enquiries just don’t stop and the click-through rates have skyrocketed.

Very pleasing dream, right? Then, let’s get to work because with Pebble, you can build your dreams into reality.

1. Email from a person vs. Email from a Company

Think as a customer. Would you open an email from a person that is written for you or an email that comes from a company addressing a anonymous target individual? The choice is pretty easy.

People are more likely to trust and open an email from a real person in comparison to impersonal ones. Moreover, the combination of a person’s name and company’s name fits well. According to several tests conducted, it was found that personalizing the sender name and email address increased the open rate by an average of 3%.

2. Appealing Subject Line and Preview Text

Subject Line and Preview Text are the teasers. Make them interesting enough to intrigue people watch the whole text.
Subject lines with more than 49 characters (including spaces) show a 75 percent decrease in click-throughs.

The text that follows the subject line in most email client inboxes is the preview text which if not set, is automatically pulled from the body of the email. By pre-setting the preview text, you will basically be taking one good chance to connect the recipient of your email to your business.

3. Hyperlink your Images, Header and Footer

Images are an attention grabber. People love images. So, when they click on the pictures, be sure to send them to a page that has an association with the content that was in the email. After all, your ultimate goal in email marketing is to get people click through to a webpage.

Similary, make sure your customers are able to find a link to your website whether they are at the top or bottom of any email. Perhaps, the starting and end are what matters to make an impression.

4. Enrich the content


Don’t always send promotional emails unless you want your emails to be left unopened in the future. Instead, supply some information, tips, diys and facts once in a while to keep the customers engaged. Make people feel better reading your emails. Avoid the language used to subscribers, write as if the mail is for a single person. Only email when you have something truly valuable or helpful to say.

Keep it simple. Optimize the plain text version of your email and avoid untidy, flashy interface keeping it soft on the eyes but tough on the perception.

So, you craft a graphically artistic email and hit Publish. How sure are you that all the consumers receiving and opening your email are going to see the attractive design- HTML, rich-text version of your email?

Your email might not get supported or a person may simply choose to only view messages in plain text. If the plain text version has not been optimized, they will open a scary looking email containing lots of links and coding. No one is going to bother to read through this mess.

By optimizing your plain-text emails, you are ensuring that your email is kept out of the spam folder and is more likely to reach more of your target segment those who do not view HTML emails.

You can also follow certain practical instructions on how to write an attractive email to make it stand out in the overflowing inboxes.

5. Make your call-to-action buttons visible: Add Alt-text, Position and Design

Many email clients will set the default image viewing option to off, which means they will only see a narrow box instead of a neatly designed CTA button. Put alt text to it so your recipient would see the CTA button much clearly and know where to click to complete the action. You can also add alt text to your images for a better viewing.

Put your effort on optimizing the CTA text to make it enticing enough for the readers. Make them understand and click there without having to say the words, ‘Click here’.

Have a thought on the positioning and design of the CTA. Placing the CTA buttons where the readers are tempted much will be a wise decision. Also, make it easily distinguishable and impactful. However, take a minute or two to rethink if the CTA looks pushy.

6. Be Social: Extend the level of social sharing 


Use online social networks and social networking sites to your advantage. Its time you realize the importance of Social Media and the impact of Social Media in Small business. Increasing the number of people who see your link is likely to increase the number of people who click on it. So, add social sharing buttons and make your emails carry on through the social web towards a better exposure. There are many email tools at your disposal that come with templates that have built-in social sharing buttons making things easier. Just type in the destination URL and it’s done.

Be clever and replace follow button with Share button. You might also like to include Ready-made tweets and email forwarding option for those who love your content but have less time to distribute. Make their job effortless. The gain is all yours.

Though it feels intimidating to get people to open and read your emails, it really need not be that hard. Learn these few tricks before you create your next email and make your email encounter the much sought after sound, the sound of a CLICK.

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