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Importance of Social Media in Business

Share, Tweet, Pin, Update — are just a few words without which our day to day activity seems incomplete because, we are so absorbed in Social Networking. With the much in demand social networking site facebook, micro blogging medium Twitter, a social circle Google+, business oriented social service LinkedIn, video sharing site Youtube, photo and video sharing intermediate Instagram, visual discovery tool Pinterest, social news aggregator Digg and various other such sites squeezing in the picture, it is quite easy to realize how the world, the society and the market is shifting towards internet.

Following the preliminary personal uses of such sites to connect and communicate, has come an era of utilization of these for business brand building, interaction, advertisement and thus, with time, no dimension of business marketing through social media has been left undiscovered. For all the opportunities it brought to small or big, especially small businesses; social media is an essential part of business today. Chiefly, the importance of social media for small business has surfaced in the recent past like anything. And here we ought to uncover how and why is : Social Media — a superhero to your business.


For a swift and precise overview, some key points are jotted down below:

Apart from the constructive transformation it has brought to present business scenario, here are the simplified answers on

Why is Social Media important to business?

Because, Social Media

1. Makes your business visible

Gone are the days of yellow pages, now whatever happens, happens online mostly. Now, if people are looking for certain products or services, they are likely to search it on their phones or laptops on not just search engines but social sites. Thus to make your business found, noticed and observed, it’s necessary to have an influential social media affiliation and a strong online presence. Also, know how to build a powerful Twitter presence.


2. Increases exposure

Various Social networking sites are multilingual and multinational. More than half of world’s internet users have signed up and regularly use a social network. This number is inclusive of audience of all genders, ages and professions, which makes the reach of your business wide and extensive. Based on the characteristics and trends of the target audience, it makes easier for your marketing message get in touch with a significant number of audiences.


3. Builds Brand and Reputation

Social Media is the most effective way for branding your business as studies have shown; more than 80% of the customers prefer a brand that is connected to a social site. It increases credibility. The social media recommendation acts heavily upon the purchase decision they make. Similarly, the business can utilize social media to its advantage to showcase the awards, honors, testimonials, print covers etc. This accelerates the building of your brand and reputation as it also empowers the customers to use a virtual word-of-mouth marketing.


4. Boosts the traffic of your Website

The PPC ad campaigns, the special offers, coupon codes, shares by your users—all can lead to a better traffic on your Website. And when your Website gets more visitors, you get an additional chance of converting their visits to a purchase.


5. Increases Loyalty and Following

Social Media gives us the opportunity to elucidate the brand value and its social significance to the audience. By communicating with the customers, image development can come about which in turn provides an excellent chance to gain and acknowledge the support, trust and loyalty from the customers.

6. SEO push

Through your blogs and article updates, you have an opportunity to show your expertise via social media. As the visitors and reader increase, your reliability for search engine results increases. By assimilation of best SEO writing practices and a balanced social engagement in your website, your business gets the much required push to rank on the top of Search Engines.


At Pebble Infotech, we have a professional team of SEO specialist and Content writers who can guide your website towards the height of Search Engine results and put together an improved score in ranking. If you want to view your business jump to the heights of online searches, which, of course every business owner does, find one from our perfectly designed SEO packages or choose from customized Social Media Packages.

7. Improves your Sales/profit

Many businesses take advantage of social media platform to make the most out of their marketing techniques. Offering discounts, sales or special proffers on social media can drive more traffic to your site. More visitors and more leads automatically direct towards more sales and more profit.


8. Helps you generate more leads

Let us consider a result generated from various social media analytics tool– which states that marketers who spent 6 or more hours a week using social media and engaging/sharing content on it saw 52% more leads than those who did not.
Social media has a vital role in generation of leads twice as much as any other marketing method used. Two thirds of social media users are likely to purchase from a business that has connected its site and services with social media platforms. It’s found that companies that use Twitter average double the amount of leads per month than those who do not.

9. Maintains an imperative customer relationship

The possibilities are high that your customers are already registered with a social site. If you get in there too, the interaction between the business and customer doesn’t just become active but direct. The information flow becomes smooth and you can take better care of your customers, thus it builds a strong relationship of trust and mutual understanding.


10. Provides you the information about your customers’ preferences and latest market trends

Unlike any other advertising form, Social Media has its advantage of two way interaction. Use it to find out what your customers like about your business and what they don’t. Also, their updates, habits, patterns of likes and shares and tweets and pins, all can provide us a better insight of what their preferences and inclinations are. On the basis of these, you can find out what kinds of products they would like you to start offering.


11. Provides instant customer feedback

Social Media Platforms can be used to find out what customers think of your business, what they like and they dislike. Customer service, feedback forms and forums can be easily run by using social media for business. Reviews and Ratings are an instant way of gathering reaction from the customers and clients. Criticism or praise, both are important for a business to improve and a well-run social media management strategy can provide that opportunity to a business.

12. Cuts off your marketing expenses

Why is social media so important to smaller businesses? The answer is its inexpensiveness and affordability. Not to forget, accessibility. It has the ability to show the results in a short time and very less efforts and resources compared to other advertising platforms.


13. Gives Competitive Advantage

While you might be still giving a thought to make it large by using social media platforms, you competitors might have started already. If they haven’t yet, you still have the chance to reduce the risk of falling behind. It’s time to get started with a Social Media Strategy that works. Take advantage of social media in your marketing strategies. It helps you channelize your effort and provides you a competitive advantage.

If there are any advantages that we might have missed out, feel free to share it.
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