Hard to get, Harder to keep; the queen of e-commerce business—Conversion rates.

What do I do to increase my conversion rates?
What are the tips for a better conversion rate?
How can an e-commerce website’s conversion rates be doubled overnight?

Well, have you, as an e-commerce business person ever had these questions? If yes, then you have hit the spot–this post can help you find answers to your worries except for the last question, in reference to which all we have to say is, no conversion rates can be doubled overnight, or in two nights. Doubt the companies who guarantee they can. It’s a gradual process but if done correctly, the results can be harvested pretty soon (though not as soon as a night). There have been infinite experiments to boost conversion rates on an e-commerce website. You might have been a part of few yourselves. Minimize barriers to sale, upsell, implement this and that, everything that just flies over your head and of course your website.

Let’s simplify, be specific and put the essential info graphics and formulas where required. This post is composed of various ideas combined with the complementing one to give you 10 surefire ways to boost up the conversion rates of your e –commerce website.

1. All attention to Trust Badges

Almost every page on the Website is the page where a customer can decide whether to go ahead or not. Having a highlighted trust badge that emphasizes the key factors/offers or a service of your business is found to be productive. Better, a badge that reduces the confusion of the customers and provides them with safety assurance like money back guarantee, instant return will do the trick. By putting forward a great shopping experience and sense of assurance, make your customers feel that they are making the right choice.

2. PPC Advertisements and Landing Page Quality

As an e-commerce business person, you must have had some good and not-so-good experiences of Pay per Click Advertising. While well operated PPC Management Services (http://www.pebbleinfotech.com/internet-marketing/ppc-management-services/) from qualified professionals can dramatically increase visitors to your page, a poorly maneuvered PPC campaign can eat all your hard earned money. Test the performance of your PPC campaigns. Request a Free PPC Audit. (http://www.pebbleinfotech.com/ppc-audit/)
Turning the leads to sales fully depends upon the landing page on your website. Your landing page shouldn’t be egoistic or arrogant. If you can, eliminate the use of your home page as the landing page, because generally, it has a lot of things going on distracting the users. Keep the landing page neat, pay attention to headers, footers, design, and color and most importantly the content. Highlight the best sellers, sale items, discounts, new arrivals and the offers that are profitable to the customers.
Check your bounce rate—avoid poor landing pages.

3. Live Chat, FAQs, Reviews and Ratings

A live chat box pop up in the website can help your customers find the answers to their queries instantly and make decisions right away. All the time they spend waiting for your email response is the time the risk increases for the possible purchase.
For the regularly asked questions and query that can generally arise, for example shipping, returns, refunds etc–have a FAQ section which the customers can go through and put a full stop to their question marks without having to buzz or email you. It expresses your responsibility toward them.
Good responses and ratings from satisfied customers are a boost to the conversion rates. Reviews transfer the credibility so operate an actively running comment section below the products and encourage your customers to write genuine reviews after they trade with you just to keep certain that the reviews don’t look artificial or fake. And yes, while we are on it, do comment your views and reviews about this article below.

4. Keep Updated: Photos, Videos and Information

Post pictures of your office, your team, of the customers. Post photos of the products as much as you can. Click attractive pictures of products from multiple angles. Offer high resolution pictures for a close up view. Give them the detailed information about the product. Less is more but not always. Don’t get too lengthy but don’t miss anything out. More genuine the pictures and more the information, supplementary trust you will gather. Also add videos for the explanation of the products you sell. Make one about your company and post it too. A human and emotional touch to the virtual world of e-commerce business can do wonders.
While you are providing information, keep them factual and emphasize on telephone numbers. Wouldn’t it be great to share your troubles and confusions with a person rather than an email address or a contact form?

5. Stock Notifications—Create Urgency

Create a bar that shows how important it is for your customers to make a decision readily. Create the impact of urgency like when a certain discount is closing off; make a banner to communicate it to the customers. If a certain product is about to be out of stock, flash it, in big loud words, a silent call for your customers to make them feel, they don’t want to miss it out before the window closes.
And when a product runs out of stock, you don’t want to lose its business to your competitors. Hold your customers and sell it as soon as it’s back in stock to the customers who were interested while it was not available. Tell them, it’s back so get it before anyone else does. Go for the smart Back in Stock Notification Emails.

6. Recommendations and Wishlists

Try recommending shoes that go well with that dress or socks with football boots—the human nature is such that when we see something, we remember need that too. Recommending complimentary products while purchasing one, is a tried-and-true method of upselling. The customers can either add it to the cart or their wishlist. Wishlists can be helpful for your business as they keep the customers’ mind affixed to the products they liked and want to buy. When they have cash, you have the products on their wishlist.

7. Add-to-Cart and Checkout

Once a visitor at your site makes his/her mind to buy a product or service, you don’t want to tease them with ‘Find the add-to-cart button’. Trust me, this sounds weird but a lot of customers have trouble finding Add to cart button in various websites, so make your key push button stand out. Add stress to your Add to Cart badge so that it can draw the customers attention easily.
Likewise, while checking out, keep them away from all the distractive items on your page like product images, recommendations or pop up ads. Keep the design neat and clean focusing on completion of the purchase. It’s called closed checkout. Make it easier for the customers with further processing and never let them leave without making the purchase.

8. Different Payment Options and Free Shipping

Every customer is not accustomed to the payment method that you prefer. Make it flexible for them to choose from the various payment methods available from PayPal to credit cards. Once they pay, wouldn’t it be a treat for them if they get free shipping? Well, of course, you would have your terms and conditions and profit margin, this and that but don’t be a stiff business person. Experiment this for a while; you’ll definitely get the report on how much the little extra cost for shipping is taking away your sales. It’s likely for a customer to expect free shipping after the purchase, as many of the popular e-commerce websites have standardized this practice; you don’t want to lose your customers to them, do you?

9. Social networking and Blogging

Your business runs on internet so it’s your first and foremost duty to increase and strengthen your social media presence. Social Networking Sites are free advertisement and publicity when you execute assured strategies and campaigns. Offer discount coupons in exchange for their visit or likes or retweets or shares. Once people have discount coupons, they are likely to make a purchase to redeem it.
Blogging is yet another important tool in improving your conversion rates. Blogs are friendly to SEO searches as they constitute a huge amount of searchable keywords related to your website. Blogs help you gain trust and communicate, it builds a thought and working pattern of your business and most certainly drives traffic to your page.
Here, at Pebble Infotech, we have a whole team of content Writers, blog Writers and Social Media specialists. So, if you have been thinking of this scheme already but resources restricted you, then be happy, the restriction is about to get over. Contact us.

10. Awards and Rewards

Have you ever noticed? When you enter a manager’s office or the owner’s office of any business, the walls, racks or the tables boast of the awards and media coverage the business has received so far. Your website is your office. Nothing makes your business dependable and trustworthy except for the awards you received, the mentions, testimonials, print news that you have been featured in. Put them on showcase.
While we are displaying ours, it’s legitimate to reward our customers for the purchase they have made and the interest they have shown in us. Reward points, discounts, complementary free items. They play a big role in retaining the trust of our already existing customers and lure the possible ones.

So with almost a dozen of not-too-difficult-to-execute above mentioned smart ideas for improving conversion rates, find your way into the e-commerce world as a successful enterprise.

Did we miss out anything? If you have more ideas that work, do share it with everyone!

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