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Google Adwords for IOS and Android


Google introduced a very handy app for search marketers through which they can easily access their Adwords account using their smartphones. In the beginning of 2016, Google introduced the Adwords app for IOS. Android version was already introduced a year ago, but now Google has also featured this innovative app in App Store.

With this App marketers can keep their Adwords account on top of their palm and have a bird eye view on their campaigns and take necessary actions whenever required.

But, the app is designed to work as a companion, and not a replacement for desktop tool. With this app you cannot start a new campaign from the scratch, instead it is designed to maintain your existing campaigns and portray clear vision of your stats.

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Regardless of your location, this app can easily connect you to your Adwords account in a blink of an eye. You can easily overlook important tasks like adjusting the bid, topping up the budget and numerous other functions with just a touch of a button. Besides that, this app can also be used to pause or launch new campaigns that have already been designed on your desktop.

After linking you Adwords account with your mobile App, you will be greeted with a customizable dashboard to monitor your campaign performance. To get familiarized with the app, go to the “opportunities” section and figure out the potentiality of this app.

Turn on the notification, and the app will automatically notify you about the things that need your attention. The app notifies you when your budget for a particular campaign is going to run out, or the right time to act when an opportunity knocks your door.


February 9, 2016   Apps

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