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Six Easy Tips for Visual Marketing

Six Easy Tips for Visual Marketing

To derive success from digital advertising it’s essential to understand the value of digital marketing. If we ponder around the internet, there are thousands of sites bombarded with visual contents. Facebook videos, visual tweets, live-streaming videos are capable to grab the attention of your audiences rather than regular text based posts. A recent study on visual contents concluded the following facts.

  • More than 60% of the social media contents are based on Images.
  • More than 90% of the marketers suggest that visual ads are more effective than text based ads.
  • Average mobile YouTube session in 40 minutes long. And each year the number keeps growing by 50 percent.

So, if you haven’t incorporated visual contents in your content marketing strategy then now would be the right time to start.

But, the outbreak of visual based contents has created a competitive environment in the marketing world. Every brand is producing more visual contents, and to stand out in the crowd it’s essential to create compelling contents that can grab your customers’ attention. So, today we will look into six useful tactics for visual marketing. These handy tips will give your graphical interpretations a new meaning and help you to stand a notch above your competitors.

1. Keep it real

Always try to convey your message with real images. Real images are easy to view and have the power to grab the attention of audience in an instant. If your contents are related to stats, create compelling infographics. For event promotion, snap seasonal photographs. Posts embellished with real images can attract audiences and garner their interest.

2. Use animated GIFs

GiFs are fun, attractive and can drive your customers’ attention within a blink of an eye. GIFs are adored by most social media fanatics, and it gives them a reason to connect with your brand. Plus, GIFs are widely put into action on social sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, all of which are widely used by individuals and businesses alike.

3. Be Different

Most of the content marketers today run after trends that are specifically designed for other brands. It might seem like a viable option but to be different you have steer yourself across those stereotypes. Don’t throw in bags of money on an idea that has been done to death. Instead, shape up your own creative and fresh ideas and convert them into visual contents. For instance, you can check out The Connected Series documentary project of Samsung.

4. Consider stock photography

It’s true that original photographs have the power to differentiate us from our rivals. But, we cannot rule out stock photography form our list. In Nepal, the cost of hiring a professional photographer is very high, and the cost of one shoot may equal the salary of your content manager. For regular uploads you can use stock pictures. Apply filters, adjust lights and crop the photo as per requirement. By doing so, you can save a whole lot of budget and time.

5. Create content for every part of the marketing funnel

Design related contents for your leads, customers and customers. Every piece of content should efficiently visualize the purpose of the post. Whether it’s an image rich contest, animated video or product awareness post, it should have the potential to deliver your message.

6. Hashtags

Hastags are helping hands that can extend the visibility of your visual contents. Include Hashtags of established brands like #samsung #volkswagon and supplement them with additional tags that are popular amongst your audiences.


With the increasing competition, it’s hard to keep up in the market. To stand out in the crowd, you have to be different and creative. Use these tips and enhance the quality of your visual contents. And in no time, you will be able drive engagement and conversion.

March 30, 2016   Blog, Small Business Solutions

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