4 Tips to Remember While Writing For Mobile Users

While you are writing contents, mobile devices are the last thing you worry about. But in this era of smartphones, most of your readers view your posts from their palmtop devices. A majority of content marketers don’t acknowledge the differences but if you are targeting mobile audiences there are certain practices you must follow to […]

Elements of Modern SEO You Could Be Missing Out

A comprehensive guide to content marketers who are stuck with Old-School SEO techniques. A Brief Introduction to SEO Imagine for a minute that you are a librarian, but not a normal one; you are a librarian for every book in the world. Everyday people depend upon you to find the exact book they need, so […]

5 Tips To Elevate The Performance of Your Blogs

Online jobs might not be viable options for many, but did you know most online bloggers have six-digit salary and run their own company as well. Few strategic props, laptop, camera and an innovative mind are all that’s required to intrigue millions of audiences and connect with most reputed brands in the world. Today, businesses […]

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site Within An Hour

  Every time when I create a website the results are not 100% accurate. So, before delivering the final product I perform certain tests to see whether the site is fully optimized or not. I will give you a quick example. Recently, I completed a project – www.jmt.org.np. The initial grades were terrible. 54/ 100 […]

Importance of Online Presence for Business

How robust is the presence of your business at this point ? You own a physical store, you have a bunch of old customers who are very reliable and most of all you have a steady income that’s enough to make a healthy living. But, is it enough? Ask yourselves, a clear-cut answer will come […]


  With that heading making bounce rates (What is Bounce rate? ) appear like the villain to your online marketing, let’s get clear that high Bounce rates aren’t always that bad. There are cases when a high bounce rate is acceptable . Pages like contact us, login, checkout will have the bounce rates going pretty […]

4  Benefits of Mobile Payment

Mobile payment system is an innovative way to enhance your business. It can optimize your sales and take your business to a whole new level. But, the advantages of mobile payment doesn’t stop here, there are tons of other benefits that comes with it. So, here are few benefits of incorporating mobile payment into your […]

How does Google determine your local ranking?

How does Google determine your local ranking? With every passing second of time, Google is getting smarter and our sites are becoming more transparent to them. Recently, Google revealed their top ranking signals for local SEO. They updated their My Business help page and added new information to boost local ranking with practical demonstrations. The first […]

How to Get the Best Out of YouTube Ads

AdWords for video provides search marketers access to their target audiences with affluent contents.  With AdWords, marketers can create a massive impact even with limited resources. So without wasting more time let’s kick into the basics of true view and the importance of YouTube-specific contents. Before we move further I want to highlight some YouTube […]

4 Important Elements for Online Marketing Campaigns      

                                             In this digital age, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to understand the importance of marketing plan for their services and products. Every business is constantly hunting for new and innovative ideas to boost their […]

Six Easy Tips for Visual Marketing

To derive success from digital advertising it’s essential to understand the value of digital marketing. If we ponder around the internet, there are thousands of sites bombarded with visual contents. Facebook videos, visual tweets, live-streaming videos are capable to grab the attention of your audiences rather than regular text based posts. A recent study on […]

SEO for Content Marketers

  In this modern era of technology SEO knowledge is an important factor for content marketers and journalists alike. Just concentrating on writing isn’t going to get you anywhere. From my personal perspective, looking into mammoth SEO sites like Clickz and Search Engine Watch is essential for writers who want to write about SEO. Just […]

Educational Program for Kundalini School

Escaping from our hectic office schedule, we made our way to a small elementary school located on the outskirts of Ringroad. As planned, we (Pebble InfoTech team) gathered at Jorpati and started our journey towards Kundalini School. We made our way through bumpy roads of Narayantar and were stuck in a traffic jam for an […]

App Indexing – A Feasible Route for App Developers

App Indexing: With App Indexing surfing the internet has become much easier. When someone searches for a particular content on Google from their mobile devices results can be directly viewed from the app they’ve installed. When they click on the results displayed in SERP, the device offers them with option and allows them to visit […]

4 SEO Tips for Bloggers

  A good blog can take you to the top. If you do it the right way. In this modern era of technology, an interesting blog is considered as a key source of free information. And, who doesn’t love free information, we’ll definitely look into a particular topic if it offers us a $1000 tip […]

An Untapped Goldmine: Mobile For Business

The versatility of smart phones have marked another milestone in the world of technology. With mobile devices you can place the entire news of the world on the top of your palm. If we analyze the current scenario, mobile devices have surpassed desktop search and obtained a  position on the top of the chart as […]

Web Is Going to Get Faster With HTTP/2 Protocol

Internet is about to enter a new era of technology with  introduction of the new HTTP/2 protocol. We have been using the last update for more than 17 years and lots of things have changed in these past two decades. With every passing second of time, technology has created demanding users and heavier sites. And, […]

5 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Business

  As digital entrepreneurs, we are tangled in a dire podium that prohibits us to step out of the box and foster creativity. Most of the upcoming companies derive their potentiality by stealing ideas from other proficient brands – acting as a parasite . Following a brand is one thing, but relying totally on them […]

How to Set-Up an Effective Content Marketing Plan  

With content marketing becoming the hot advertisement medium, every business wants a piece of it. In simple words, everyone is pursuing content marketing as their ultimate marketing strategy. So, how do you stand at the forefront of the content marketing battlefield and stay undefeated? You make a plan; most likely a full-proof plan. And here […]

Google Adwords for IOS and Android

Google introduced a very handy app for search marketers through which they can easily access their Adwords account using their smartphones. In the beginning of 2016, Google introduced the Adwords app for IOS. Android version was already introduced a year ago, but now Google has also featured this innovative app in App Store. With this […]

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